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  When European explorers first came to Australia they were amazed by the sight of strange large hopping animals. The explorers asked a native Australian, (an Aborigine), what the animal was called to which the native replied "kangaroo".

The explorers left thinking this was the animal's name. They did not know that "kangaroo" is Aborigines for "I don't understand".


  Spiders spin two parts to their webs. One part has a sticky substances to catch their prey, the other does not so they can walk on it without being caught in their own web.


  In 1915 Aspirin was the first drug to be mass-produced and sold directly to consumers without a prescription.


  Studies have shown that termites will eat twice as fast when they are exposed to heavy metal music. 


  The first couple to be actually shown in bed together on prime-time television were ..... Fred and Wilma Flintstone.


  You can tell whether an egg is fresh by putting it in a pan a cool, salted water.  Fresh eggs will sink to the bottom, bad eggs will rise to the water's surface.


   Prior to World War II, Twinkies snack cakes had a banana cream filling.  A banana shortage after the attack on Pearl harbor forced the switch to plain vanilla.



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